VIDEO: Northport Middle School Faculty Gets a Lesson in Trick Hoops

The Harlem Wizards "trick hoopz and alley oopz" basketball team gave Northport faculty members a run for their money on Thursday at the annual PTSA fundraiser, featuring an exhilarating performance by the Northport kickline team.

faculty got a run for their money on Thursday as they went up against the "trick hoopz and alley oopz" of the Harlem Wizards trick basketball team in front of 800 people at the largest PTSA fundraising event of the year.

"We really want to support the PTSA, they do so many great things at our school," said Principal Tim Hoss, who tested his muster on the court for the third time on Thursday night. Hoss admitted that he's no pro and can only hope he doesn't fall down. "I'm terrible. I just run around and follow what everyone else is doing," he laughed.

Beating the Wizards is a pipe dream, after all.

"They prep us ahead of time. They say, 'look, you're not going to win. Just go out there and have fun and let us do our thing.' They don't want us to go out there and play too tight defense because we could get hurt--some of them are retired NBA players and they're 250 pounds and 6'6."


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