Village Claims Prompt Pothole Patching

Reporting a pothole to Village Hall is the fastest way to get it fixed, said Administrator Gene Guido, who added that a makeover is in the works for Woodbine Avenue.

We asked and you answered: What potholes around town are the worst offenders? Our reflected a satisfactory appraisal by those who voted, with the middle-of-the-road "some bumps, no bruises" response getting 71 percent of the total.

Some readers pointed out certain locations in need of repair such as the Belgium block shoulder on Main Street east of Norwood Avenue, the Northport Middle School parking lot, and Ocean Ave and Reservoir Ave between Scudder and 25A. Reader Ted S said, "How about ALL of Woodbine?"

We took your concerns to Village Administrator Gene Guido, who said Friday that the buzz from the poll had already reached him. "The hot box [asphalt] is out several times a week," he said, explaining that crews divide the village into sections and approach each street from top to bottom to patch potholes. If residents notice a particularly egregious pothole, they can call at 631-261-7502 and it should be fixed the next business day.

The mild winter has given the highway department, and the roads, somewhat of break, said Guido, noting that the conditions which cause potholes were somewhat relenting. "Luckily this year was not too bad because there weren't a lot of freezes and thaws compared to prior years."

Guido stressed the distinction between patching potholes and repaving, and said the latter is a costly and time consuming process. The Village does have the money for some projects, however, said Guido, and the notoriously bumpy and potholed Woodbine Avenue will be getting a makeover sometime next year.

"There is a grant for Woodbine," said Guido, explaining that the requisite paperwork is awaiting DEC approval before it can go to the next level and hopefully be bid out by the end of this year. The project will be a major undertaking, as the road first needs to be structurally reinforced with new sheets. "It's not just a matter of paving a road."

Are you satisfied with the Village's maintenance of roads and response to reports of potholes? Tell us in the comments.


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