Raia Calls on Cuomo to Address LIPA Lawsuit

Assemblyman asks Cuomo for help with a potentially financially devastating lawsuit.

During a legislative breakfast hosted by Governor Andrew Cuomo at the Governor’s Mansion last week, Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,I,C-East Northport) wasted no time in bringing up an issue important to residents of the

That is, the pending tax certiorari lawsuit filed by and the  challenging the Town of Huntington's assessed value of the plant.

“I made sure that Governor Cuomo is aware of the severity of the situation regarding the Northport power plant. He is now acutely aware of the enormous tax burden that the school district and Long Island taxpayers would face,” Raia said.

In the lawsuit LIPA claims that they are over-assessed and is asking for the court’s assistance in reducing its assessment. If LIPA wins the lawsuit property taxes would rise nearly 50 percent to cover the loss of property tax revenue from the plant and refunds totaling $63.4 million would have to be issued. This vast financial loss could put an unbearable strain on the town and school district.

"I was sitting next to the Governor's counsel," Raia said. "And both he and the governor seemed very receptive and aware of the situation and promised after the appointment of the new LIPA Chairman and the LIPA Board Member selection that he would work with the state Legislators, Huntington town officials and LIPA to find a reasonable solution to this problem."

Victor X February 19, 2011 at 09:40 PM
So Raia is calling for higher LIPA rates? Why doesn't anyone in government talk about cutting back costs?
any February 20, 2011 at 03:44 PM
Just like our homes are over assessed, why is it so hard to believe a 50 year old power plant complex isn't too? Whether its taxpayer or ratepayer funds - it still comes out of our pockets - this really comes down to a political issue. Elected officials want to look like they are holding the line on spending, so they disguise the heft of costs by getting their funds from LIPA. However, LIPA is not a tax collection service for the towns. Both LIPA and the town need to better manage the area's they oversee - both are filled with patronage positions and people with limited expertise to do their jobs, all out of political favoritism. This is wasting our money, driving the cost of living up, whether its classified as a tax or rate increase. It's long past time to clean house, hire people with real applicable job experience and start taking care of the business of the people, not political grandstanding for self promotion. LIPA is an agency without leadership. Petrone is a tired old dog that sits on past laurels, but restricts business access and thwarts opportunities in the town. He has gotten far too political for the people. LIPA has a right to look at their expenditures, Huntington and the schools need to do the same and get creative rather than whine and whimper to maintain the status quo. It's just not working.


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