County Halts Mosquito Spraying

Expected rain halts plans for aerial assault on mosquitoes.

By Pam Robinson

Suffolk County canceled its spraying of parts of Northport for West Nile virus planned for Thursday due to impending thunderstorms.

The county said Wednesday afternoon that rain is expected to interfere with aerial spraying planned Thursday for parts of Greenlawn, East Northport and Elwood. The plan was to eradicate mosquitoes that might be carrying the West Nile virus. It had intended to use an aerosol of the pesticide Scourge (resmethrin). 

For further information about the program, contact:
  • Suffolk County Division of Vector Control   631-852-4270
  • Spraying Information Hotline 631-852-4939
  • CodeRED Notification system: to receive notifications via cell phone, text messaging or e-mail, click here.
  • To view notices online, click here.


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