Northport Police Report: Public Exposure, Marijuana Arrests

Incidents and arrests Nov. 17-25.

The following was taken from the Northport Police Department crime blotter. An arrest does not indicate a conviction as all persons are presumed innocent until and if proven guilty in a court of law.

  • Paul Thomas, 63, of Northport was arrested on Nov. 18 and charged with DWAI Drugs and Unlawful Possession of Marihuana charges after being involved in a car accident. While interviewing Thomas, the police officer allegedly observed him to have a strong odor of marihuana emanating from his person, his speech was slurred, his eyes were red and watery and his pupils were constricted. The defendant was also found to be in possession of marihuana. He was transported to Huntington Hospital, where he consented to a blood test.
  • Mark Degellek, 55, of Northport was arrested on Nov. 25 and charged with public lewdness and exposure of a person after he allegedly exposed his genitals in a public place on Nov. 10. He was transported to headquarters, processed and arraigned in Northport Village Justice Court. Defendant arraigned before Judge Senzer and bail was set at $500. The defendant was unable to make bail and was transported to Suffolk County Jail.
  • Police responded to a Fort Salonga Road business on Nov. 19 for a report of a petty larceny after allegedly catching a regular customer stealing a 50 ml bottle of Grey Goose vodka.
  • A police officer observed four adult men fighting in the crowd at the Northport tree lighting on Nov. 23. The men disbursed in different directions before the officers could make it to them through the crowd. 

For questions about this blotter, contact the editor at Leah.Bush@patch.com.

JH November 28, 2012 at 04:24 PM
That Mark Degelleke guy has some SERIOUS issues. He's been prowling around Huntington and Northport for years, doing stuff like this chronically. I know women and teens who have caught him looking at them through windows while they were changing, or staring at them while in his car at local beaches or while jogging/walking. He's always around Gold Star Beach in Huntington and lately I've seen him around NPT Village. He drives a maroon 80's model Chevy Caprice or similar make, always wear sunglasses, just looks like a creepy guy in general. Seriously, keep an eye out for him and if you do see him creeping around call the cops and report a suspicious individual.
Pat Kelly November 30, 2012 at 03:03 PM
Come on Judge Senzer, get these Dirt Bag Sicko's off our streets. If not they will return, they always do.


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