Village to Hold Meeting on Post Office Closure

6 p.m. meeting at Northport American Legion Hall Wednesday.

Northport Village officials will hold a public informational meeting at the Northport American Legion Hall on Wednesday at 6 p.m. to discuss the possible closure of the on Main Street.

The United States Postal Service said last week that they are considering a plan to sell the Northport building and transfer the 19 carrier routes to the East Northport Post Office, but that a retail location would be opened somewhere "in town."

Northport officials said that very little information about plans for the Northport location, announced to post office employees on Friday, has been provided by the USPS and that many points remain unclear.

Trustee Henry Tobin said he wants a better explanation of why Northport is being considered for closure, aside from the general rubric of "cutting costs." He was also unhappy with the inapplicability of an appeals process under the technicality that the plans are not necesssarily a "closure" because a retail store will remain.

He stressed the importance of the post office to businesses as well as the community at large.

"I think everybody believes that our post office, which has been here since the depression, has been a fundemental part of our community; not just for the village, but for the broader area...," he said at last Tuesday's Board of Trustees meeting. "It's one of the hearts of our village and I belive it's very important that we maintain it."

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