Tell Us: Driving, Parking Around Northport

Are people doing a good job navigating the snow piles?

A few roads remain slushy, but Northport Village and Huntington Town trucks have largely cleared the main streets. Now, the question of what to do with those small mountains of snow lining the side of the road.

Mayor George Doll said Monday that dump trucks, back hoes, and payloaders are out in full force methodically removing snow piles. In East Northport, town dump trucks were also seen working on snow piles.

The large drifts, which have narrowed streets, eliminated turning lanes, erased parking spots, buried cars and decreased visibility on turns, pose a lingering danger. They've turned the familiar landscape on its head, and, at the very least, present a major inconvenience.

What kinds of problems have you seen because of the drifts? Did you get plowed in along the road? Have you seen people parking in strange spots?

Tell us in the comments.

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Louise February 13, 2013 at 01:19 PM
The only observation I would mention is that snow was piled up at several intersections, making it necessary to creep out into the road more than usual to see if the coast was clear. Overall, a great job considering the quantity of snow that had to be removed.
Waterman February 13, 2013 at 10:13 PM
And now with the even more limited parking spots, Attention Store owners and employees: park your cars in the lots, NOT infront of your stores. Many customers are going to the big stores where they can park!


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