Huntington Folk Festival Set for Saturday at Heckscher Park

The ninth annual Huntington Folk Festival is set for Saturday. The free event starts at 12 p.m., and runs into the late evening at Heckscher Park inn Huntington.

This year’s festival headliner is Bobtown, at 8:30 p.m. The band is said to draw "on field hollers, gospel music, folk songs, pop melodies and bluegrass harmonies" and "reinvents American choral music for the 21st century to create a unique and compelling blend of voices and instruments that move gracefully between elegy and celebration," according to a news release. 

Lawn chairs, blankets and picnics are encouraged.

The festival includes a hootenanny-style musical tribute to Pete Seeger at 8 p.m. and an afternoon of unplugged showcases and song swaps from 12 p.m.-6 p.m., featuring artists from the New York metropolitan area and beyond.

Co-presented by the Folk Music Society of Huntington and the Huntington Arts Council, the Huntington Folk Festival is part of the 49th Annual Huntington Summer Arts Festival.

Here is the afternoon showcase schedule:

Acoustic Live!

Emcee: Richard Cuccaro

  • 1:00  Lisa Jane Lipkin
  • 1:15  Jenai Huff and Eugene Ruffolo
  • 1:30  Karen Dahlstrom
  • 1:45  Susan Kane
  • 2:00  Chris Fuller
  • 2:15  Mark Allen Berube
  • 2:30  Judy Kass
  • 2:45  Mya Byrne
  • 3:00  The YaYas
  • 3:15  Wool&Grant
  • 3:30  Brad Cole
  • 3:45  Marci Geller
  • 4:00  Paul Sachs5
  • 4:30  Libby Koch
  • 4:15  David Goldman
  • 4:45  Robinson Treacher
  • 5:00  Honor Finnegan
  • 5:15  My Dad's Truck
  • 5:30  Gerry McKeveny
  • 5:45  Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes


Emcee: Michael Kornfeld

  • 12:00 My Dad's Truck
  • 12:15 Julie Corbalis, Toby Tobias, Dylan Sneed, Robinson Treacher
  • 1:00 Mya Byrne, Brad Cole, Wool & Grant
  • 1:30 Alex Mallett, Kat Quinn, Villa Patagonia
  • 2:00 The YaYas
  • 2:15 Kerrville New Folk Winners: Honor Finnegan, Josh Joffen, Matt Nakoa, Paul Sachs
  • 3:00 The Wisch List: Robert Bruey, Jenai Huff and Eugene Ruffolo
  • 3:45 Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes
  • 4:00 Women's Voices: Karen Dahlstron, Christine DeLeon, Judy Kass
  • 5:00 Americana-Roots Country: Emma Brooke, Loretta Hagen, Susan Kane, Libby Koch
  • 4:30 All Keyed-Up: Marci Geller, Craig Greenberg , Lisa Jane Lipkin


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