Fun for All in Northport: Tuesday Family Night

A boon for business and fun for all at the kick-off of the fourth annual Family Harbor Fun Nights series on Tuesday.

Locals came together to enjoy great food, entertainment, and shopping in the streets of downtown Northport on Tuesday to kick-off the fourth annual series.

Main Street was closed off to vehicle traffic for the evening to make way for live entertainment, outdoor dining, sidewalk sales, and antique cars. To most of the attendees that came out, the event was a way to enjoy time in their hometown with their family, loved ones, or friends.

“There is something for everyone to do-- kids, teenagers, parents, grandparents,” Danielle Corley proclaimed, “it's just an all around great night!”

Whether people were coming down to Northport to enjoy the whole event or just coming down at the end of the night for some after-dinner ice cream with their family, everyone seemed to be having a great time out on the town. The streets were filled until 10 p.m. and the band kept playing until the police had to start ushering people out.

The influx of foot traffic is a boon for local businesses. For most merchants, Tuesday Family Night is a night where they can get better acquainted with the townspeople and show that they are a town business. 

“This night is great for the businesses down here,” said owner, Robert Breidenbach, “It brings a lot of people down to the street to enjoy the town and hopefully our businesses.”

Breidenbach moved his business outside for the first time and said that it did wonders for his sales that night, but was concerned that tunout would dwindle thoughout the month as it has in previous years. 

Many other merchants had very similar feelings to the local deli owner and suggested that the Chamber of Commerce ramp up advertisement; not just for businesses' sake, but so more people know about what a wonderful night they can enjoy on the town. 

Northport’s Tuesday Family Harbor Fun Night proved to be a hit this week and will be held every Tuesday in August from 6-9 P.M. Come down, have fun, and enjoy the town and the company that follows.

cathie josephson August 03, 2011 at 11:31 PM
Great night- anyone find a blue hearing aide with pink mold? We lost my daughter erikas somewhere on main street


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