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St. Anthony's Boys Lacrosse Falls to Chaminade, 9-7

Match a precursor to May 26 CHSAA league championship between arch rivals.

The standings of the CHSAA will say that this game counted; that two teams came in with identical records of 11-2, one leaving 12-2, the other 11-3.

The results will read that ’s varsity lacrosse team defeated St. Anthony’s 9-7  Wednesday night.

The reality is much different: that these two regular season matches –  – are warmups, a rehearsal dinner for the eventual coronation at the end of May.

“You don’t like to lose to them twice in the regular season, that’s for sure,” Friars head coach Keith Wieczorek said. “The bright side is we see them again in a couple of weeks. Then the record, everything gets thrown out the window.”

Jack Moran agreed.

“Two weeks from tomorrow we’ve got to play them again, so this really doesn’t mean much,” the Chaminade head coach said.

That would be for the league championship, where one of the two arch rivals have taken home the prize for the past 23 years and counting.

“I think it’s already set that we’re seeing them in the final,” Wieczorek said, referring to this year’s date of May 26 for the title game.

It doesn’t help that these two nationally-ranked teams have dominated the league for so long that they far outshadow and outstrip all other comers. Rivalries tend to do that, especially when you’re used to seeing the same guys on the sidelines three times a year.

“The other games are all great, we want to win them all, but this is the game,” Chaminade head coach Jack Moran said.

Coming off a , Chaminade relied on better shot selection and simply “more patience” according to Moran.

“We made good decisions and it just worked out,” he said. 

Flyers attacker Matthew Kavanaugh was a tour de force, ratching up  four of the nine Flyers’ goals on 10 shots on the St. Anthony’s net along with two assists and three groundballs.

“Kavanaugh was great,” Moran said heaping praise on the senior, “offensively (he) was great.”

Midfielder Sean Mahon picked up another seven grounders for Chaminade and fired three at the Friars’ net, though none went in.

“He may not have scored any goals but the reason we could score is because he had a lot of groundballs,” Moran said.

The Friars can afford to forget about this game, one that Wieczorek blamed on struggles related to seven looks that his team couldn’t capitalize on.

“We turned the ball over once or twice there in key spots, we can’t do anything about that,” he said. “It wasn’t for lack of effort, a couple of unforced errors on our part, but they made some mistakes on their end, we didn’t cash in. You can’t give a team of that quality extra chances and we did a lot of that tonight.”

 In two weeks they’ll both get another chance. Because that’s the one that truly counts.

1 2 3 4 F Chaminade 2 2 2 3 9 St. Anthony’s 1 2 3 1 7 Chaminade Scoring Statistics Player Position Goals Assts Shots Matthew Kavanaugh Attacker 4 2 10 Ryan Lucakovic
Attacker 2 2 4 Brendan DeTomasso Attacker 1 0 2 Michael Quinn Defender 1 0 1 Walter Rooney Midfielder 1 0 1 Sean Mahon Midfielder 0 0 3 Shane Thornton Attacker 0 0 3 Matthew Graham Midfielder 0 0 1 Dylan O’Shaughnessey Defender 0 0 1 Paul Urbank Midfielder 0 0 1 Chaminade Goalkeeping Saves John Connors 13


St. Anthony’s Scoring Statistics Player Position Goals Assts Shots Matt Chanenchuk Attacker 2 2 6 Sean McDonagh Attacker 2 1 2 Christian Bennardo Attacker 1 1 4 Jack Griffin Midfielder 1 0 1 Kevin Long Attacker 1 0 1 Nick Alibraei Midfielder 0 1 2 Brian Sherlock Midfielder 0 1 0 Joe LoCascio Midfielder 0 0 4 Richard Doktor Attacker/Midfielder 0 0 2 St. Anthony’s Goalkeeping Saves Kieran Burke 6


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