Northport Schools Notebook: Annual Reorganization; Administrative Salaries

Waldenburg and Thompson were elected President and Vice President at the annual reorganization meeting; administrative salary increases questioned.

Trustees Elect President and VP

Newly elected board members David Badanes and Jim Maloney were sworn in at Monday's annual reorganization meeting, along with Stephen Waldenburg.

Trustees unanimously re-elected Waldenburg to continue serving as Board president. Trustee Joe Sabia had nominated Trustee Thompson for the position but she declined.

However, Thompson accepted when Trustee Tammie Topel  nominated her for Vice President. Trustee Julia Binger nominated Andrew Rapiejcko, who was subsequently defeated by a vote of 5-4 in favor of Thompson.

Shortening Board Meetings

In an attempt to shorten the sometimes notoriously long Board meetings, Badanes suggested adding more meetings to the district calendar, which is being printed in mid July. Given the tight printing deadline, the Board agreed to meet in August and discuss additional dates, which then will be disseminated to the public through other means.

Possible Budget and Finance Committee

In response to a suggestion by the UTNEN's Nina Dorata regarding the need for a Budget and Finance Committee, Thompson said she had reached out to a number of districts, including Elwood, and found that all three had such committees in place.  Sabia said he too was aware of Elwood's committee and had heard that it was very helpful.

Waldenburg suggested that the topic of adding a new Budget and Finance Committee be discussed at the next policy meeting on August 20 to see if there are any conflicts.  "We have to be a little cautious that we don't run afoul of existing policies," he explained.

Rapiecko also noted that since the topic wasn't on the evening's agenda, he wasn't prepared and would like to do some research as well. Badanes noted that he had actually brought up the issue in an email to Waldenburg and district clerk Beth Nystrom before the meeting and asked that it be added to the agenda. Waldenburg said he had replied that the subject had to do with the district's overall policies.

Former Board Member and current UTNEN member Denise Summers-Mum noted that the idea of having a budget and finance committee has been talked about for the last 12 years and said it would be an "act of transparency" to have such a committee.

The Board decided to discuss the issue at the next policy meeting on Aug. 20 at 9 AM in the William Brosnan building.

Administrative Increases Questioned

Members of the public as well as some trustees had questions about the increases in salary for administrators which range from $140,000 to $173,000. The list of salaries in question are on page 13 of the attached pdf.

Topel and Sabia asked about the increases, which Assistant Superintendent of Business Kathleen Molander said amounted to approximately three percent.

Summers Mum said that she thought administrators shouldn't receive more than teachers, who received step increases without annual increases. Superintendent Marylou McDermott pointed out that administrators fall under Board policy, which dictates that they follow the Nassau Salary Schedule.

The Board approved the salary increases by a vote of 6-3.  Topel, Sabia, and Thompson cast the opposing votes.


John July 05, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Mrs Thompson is a wonderful person! Congratualtions!
jill July 06, 2012 at 04:26 AM
I noticed that in the attached pdf file there was a teacher with the same last name as the boards president name. Is there any relation between the two and if there is I hope that he excused himself from the vote baring any conflict of interest issues that might arise.
FYI July 06, 2012 at 04:53 PM
"Superintendent Marylou McDermott pointed out that administrators fall under Board policy, which dictates that they follow the Nassau Salary Schedule." Can anyone reply as to who sets Board policy and why MUST if be followed? And why can't the board change its policies regarding administrative raises?
Donna McNaughton July 11, 2012 at 02:51 PM
NASA is the National Association of School Administrators. Board policy 9501 states that cabinet members salaries are set at 102% of the High School Principal's salary schedule.Any policy can be changed -that is the major role of the Board. The policy book was unanimously reaffirmed at the June meeting.
Dad of Three July 11, 2012 at 03:19 PM
In other words, it was an unintended Patch typo. Thanks for the clarification.


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