Northport Schools Notebook

A round-up of end-of the-year awards; BOE annual organizational meeting tonight.

Both teachers and an impressive number of students were honored at the June 20 Board of Ed meeting for their outstanding accomplishments in Social Studies, Math, and other areas:

PTA Reflections Program, Dance Choreography

Ella Piscatello, Dickinson Kindergarten, Honorable Mention Award of Merit

Johns Hopkins Student Talent Search

Valerie White, 7th Grade, High Honors Reading

United States Senate Youth Program

Sam Kim, 12th Grade, New York State Alternate

New York State Geography Bee Qualifiers

Read Kraus, 8th Grade, Northport Middle School

Jake Miller, 8th Grade, East Northport Middle School

2011 Northport History Contest Winners

Gabriella Longo, 3rd Grade, Ocean Avenue School

Meaghan Maher, 3rd Grade, Fifth Avenue School

John Bongiorno, 5th Grade, Ocean Avenue School

Emily Briggs, 6th Grade, Northport Middle School

Avery Infranco, 6th Grade, Northport Middle School

Claire Walsh, 6th Grade, Northport Middle School

Olivia Bongiorno, 7th Grade, Northport Middle School

Elizabeth Carr, 7th Grade, Northport Middle School

Honorable Mention:

Josephine Amorim, 6th Grade, Northport Middle School

Brandon Raffa, 6th Grade, Northport Middle School

Math Fair

East Northport Middle School:

Jonathan Ahrens, 7th Grade, Bronze

Cameron Cacic, 7th Grade, Gold

Emily Labruna, 7th Grade, Silver

Natalie LaScala, 8th Grade, Bronze

Daniel Puttre, 8th Grade, Silver

Kurt Widmaier, 8th Grade, Bronze

Northport Middle School:

Tyler DuPont, 7th Grade, Bronze

Dylan Jankowski, 7th Grade, Bronze

Rebecca MacLeod, 7th Grade, Bronze

Joshua Melchione, 7th Grade, Silver

Northport High School:

Natasha Albaneze, 9th Grade, Gold

Michael Albert, 9th Grade, Gold

Michael Barry, 9th Grade, Bronze

Ameer Basrai, 9th Grade, Silver

Jae Sung Choi, 9th Grade, Bronze

Nicholas DelGaudio, 9th Grade, Silver

Michael Driesen, 9th Grade, Silver

Rudolph Lukats, 9th Grade, Bronze

Matthew Nicolai, 9th Grade, Silver

Connor Powers, 9th Grade, Bronze

Sonny Rimler, 9th Grade, Bronze

Corrie Kavanaugh, 10th Grade, Bronze

Andrew Lauria, 10th Grade, Silver

Brian Liu, 10th Grade, Gold

Benjamin Maritato, 10th Grade, Bronze

Justin Riggs, 10th Grade, Silver

Luke Chu, 10th Grade, Bronze

Samuel Goldstein, 10th Grade, Bronze

Kristen Bomkamp, 11th Grade, Gold

Matthew Dannenberg, 11th Grade, Silver

Ian Montague, 11th Grade, Bronze

Jennifer Yland, 11th Grade, Silver

Suffolk County Mathematics Tournament

Fourth Place (Upper Division Team):  Matthew Dannenberg, Eli Doris, Ian Montague, Kevin Ross, Caleb Zulawski

Second Place Individual (Grade 11): Matthew Dannenberg

Suffolk County Mathematics Contest

Second Place (tie, Level E):  Gregory Dilimetin

Fourth Place (tie, Level E): Zachary Melchione

Second Place (Level IV):  Matthew Dannenberg

First Place, Suffolk County Champion (Level C+): Eliza Brine


New York State Mathematics League (NYSML) and Atlantic Region Mathematics League (ARML) All-Star:  Matthew Dannenberg

Outstanding Junior of the Year Award (Suffolk County):  Matthew Dannenberg

Long Island Presidents Council Essay Contest Winner

Hana Moskowitz

$500 Professional Achievement Award for 2010-2011

Nicholas Raio:  English Teacher, Northport Middle School

Linda Bennett: English Teacher, Northport High School

Marie Michalopoulos: Music Teacher, East Northport Middle School

Donald Sherman: Music Teacher, East Northport Middle School

Kerri Titone: Italian Teacher, Northport High School

Outgoing Vice President Karen Wills and Trustee Joe Gannon were also recognized for their years of service on the Board.

The next Board of Ed meeting will take place at 7:30 on Wednesday, July 6 following the annual organization meeting in the William J. Brosnan School Cafeteria.

The Board of Education is scheduled to meet  

Debbie Sullivan July 07, 2011 at 06:36 AM
A reader emailed me today asking why the story of fifth grader Erin Bass, whose life was saved by the quick actions of the Ocean Avenue staff, wasn't included in this article on the 6/20 Board meeting. It was actually covered separately. Here's the link :http://northport.patch.com/articles/swift-actions-of-ocean-ave-staff-credited-with-saving-fifth-graders-life AMC, if you're reading this, I did try to email you back with a response but my email got kicked back.


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