Consolidation Update from Elwood Superintendent

Peter Scordo clarifies what a "formal" response is.

Following the conclusion of the , Superintendent Peter Scordo was asked about the response from the on the subject of possible district consolidation.

Scordo confirmed that he did receive a phone call from Northport Superintendent Marylou McDermott in response to the letter seeking interest in but he couldn't recall the exact date. However, he said that didn't constitute a formal response.

"It needs to be a written communication," he said, adding that it should be directed to Elwood Board of Education President Michael Kaszubski.  "He's the one who signed the letter."

The subject of a formal response to Elwood regarding consolidation was a big topic of discussion at the on Feb. 28.  East Northport resident Albert Prisco and Dr. Nina Dorata, a member of United Taxpayers of Northport-East Northport, suggested that there could be a conflict of interest if communciation occurred between the superintendents rather than between the boards. In the event of district consolidation, one superintendent position might be eliminated.

At the Feb. 28 meeting, Northport Board of Ed President Stephen Waldenburg suggested that he and McDermott could work together with input from board members to craft a response to the Elwood Board of Education.

A Northport Board of Ed meeting took place tonight at 7:30 in the William J. Brosnan School cafeteria.

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Kelly Campbell March 08, 2011 at 04:36 AM
Editor's Note: I apologize for a delay in posting this story. There's just been so much going on in Northport! You keep us hoppin' here at Northport.Patch.com.
thomas novak March 08, 2011 at 05:36 AM
Consolidation of school districts should not be left up to the superintendents to explore as they have a financial intrest in the subject.
Debbie Sullivan March 08, 2011 at 08:24 AM
Thanks for posting, Thomas. It wouldn't be left up to the Superintendents. The communication and dialogue would be between the Boards. Ultimately it would need to be approved by a majority in each district.
FYI March 08, 2011 at 01:49 PM
My vote would be to boot McDermott and retain Scordo. He has history with Northport and Elwood. McDermott offers no working knowledge of Elwood and no great history with Northport. The whole idea of incorporating districts sound great, but it is fraught with numerous big problems. May be unworkable. Simply choosing which super would be the choice. Who will determine that? The Board of ED? Haha.


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