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Zoning Board Still Mulling Northport 7-Eleven

Northport residents challenge convenience store location, citing traffic at Waterside intersection.

7-Eleven may be in the business of convenience, but several Northport residents challenged the location of a proposed store at Thursday's Huntington Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, citing traffic concerns. 

7-Eleven operates more than 44,000 stores worldwide and 14 locations within the Town of Huntington. Its latest proposed location would be erected on the corner of Waterside Ave and Route 25A on the site of Nocello’s restaurant.

Board Chairman Christopher Modelewski told Alfred Amato of the Amato Law Group, which is representing 7-Eleven, Inc., that he appreciates his creativity, but his client is entitled to the town’s consideration.

Many of the public’s concerns brought up at the Town Hall meeting dealt with the traffic at the intersection of Waterside and 25A, namely supplemental traffic and entrance point concerns, especially during the weekend and school hours.

“That intersection is a hazard,” said Lisa Manderano, of Dune Court in Northport. “In my opinion, we do not need another 7-Eleven.”

Betty Shran, of Northport, observed that the increase in traffic at the intersection is a result of 7-Eleven being an all-day convenience store; Nocello’s was open mostly in the afternoon to night.

Others who voiced their concerns were preoccupied with school children’s safety. Jody Yodice, whose firm represents the Northport-East Northport School Board, says that many children will be affected walking to school. “Some children have to cross 25A [to get to school],” Yodice said. “7-Eleven is a distractive nuisance.”

Denise Kunitson, of Waterside Avenue, is the one of the few who addressed that she is in favor of the 7-Eleven. “As far as 7-Eleven goes, I’m all for it,” Kunitson said. “It’s the worst corner; it’ll help fix the area.”

Jennifer Hecker, of Hill Street, is concerned with the amount of litter that will be invading her property. Hecker reported that litter from the nearby McDonald’s and Starbucks have had an impact on the value of her property; 7-Eleven will only highlight this issue.

“It’s going to change the character of the neighborhood,” Hecker said.

Modelewski conclusively granted 7-Eleven's request and will be open to a limited opportunity hearing, time and date TBD.

Frankie Baccalà February 21, 2012 at 04:21 PM
We might like to open a Gentleman’s club in that spot. We think we would get a lot of business during the day from the VA and in the evening from the fine men of Northport, the "Neck" and Asharoken . Of course this would be a high class establishment all the way. No biker bar we promise.
carole February 22, 2012 at 03:41 AM
@KaRIN, please check the site you are citing...this property is in the Township of Huntington, NY (not Huntington, MA). Huntington does have code regarding, but it is not as simple as what you posted above. Frankie just has to hire a good lawyer and stand in front of the ZBA, I am sure he can pull it off!
Karin Stucchio February 22, 2012 at 12:46 PM
Town of Huntington, NY http://www.ecode360.com/7231551?#7231523 § 198-71. Location restrictions for certain uses. C. Adult establishments, as defined hereinbelow. (1)(c) Location of such uses in relation to residential and other areas where youth may regularly assemble and/or congregate, the general atmosphere around their operation and their downward impact on property values, resulting in disinvestment with concomitant social and economic deterioration, is of great concern to the Town of Huntington.
Todd Harris February 23, 2012 at 06:10 PM
I live close by and would not mind a 7 11 one bit. No, not truck driver or beer drinker. Good tax revenue for Huntington. The TD bank is a conveniece and looks fine. Everyone was up in arms. We don't get to bar businesses on the snob factor. Wishing for a fancy restaurant when restaurants are having a hard time is wishful thinking. No problem from my Northport viewpoint.
john February 28, 2012 at 06:00 PM
isnt Gunthers in Northport??!!


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