Village Approves Stormwater Management Plan

Northport approves EPA-mandated Stormwater Management Plan on Wednesday in a special afternoon Trustees meeting.

The Board of Trustees met in a special meeting on Wednesday at 1 p.m. to approve the new Stormwater Management Plan as mandated by the EPA. The meeting was announced on Tuesday afternoon.

The new plan was precipitated by a July Environmental Protection Agency report which cited Northport Village for having an "inadequate" Stormwater Management System to regulate the discharge of pollutants into Northport Harbor. to present an improved plan or face penalty charges. 

The 300-page plan will be available for view and download on the Village website by Tuesday, according to Village representatives.

To satisfy the next EPA mandate, the Village must enforce a program to detect and address non-stormwater discharges, develop written procedures for identifying and locating illicit discharges, and develop written procedures for eliminating such discharges by Nov. 30.  

Joe Morency October 04, 2011 at 10:48 AM
The village had until 9/30/11 to develop,implement, and enforce a storm water management plan- this was clear in the EPA violation notice. This was not a letter from the EPA but rather a clean water act violation notice. Sounds like one aspect of the deadline was met- the design portion. This is not new to the village trustees as the EPA has dates going back to 2008 asking about their management program. And yes, this is just one of five violations. Each violation has a date to be completed by- this is the first and they only met one aspect of that violation. Fines are $37,500 PER DAY from the EPA for non compliance. Has the storm water management design been implemented and is it being enforced?? The deadline was 9/30/11 -not 11/30/11.


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