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Spencer Calls for Domestic Partnership Law Change

With gay marriage now a reality in New York, lawmaker seeks to amend county code.

The legalization of gay marriage in New York in 2011 is causing a need for some Suffolk County lawmakers to readjust previous legislation regarding domestic partnerships.

As it stands, county code does not provide for the termination of a domestic partnership to partners who marry one another. 

Established in 2006 by the county, the domestic partnership registry was set up to provide non-married couples in long-term, committed relationships with official documentation of their commitment.

"Many couples who live together often have personal relationships and bonds that are as strong, if not stronger than, married couples," according to the 2006 resolution, as a need for the registry.

Democratic 18th District Legis. William "Doc" Spencer introduced a bill this week to the allow for legal termination of domestic partnerships upon marriage of the domestic partners to one another.

With the , a need for an update to the county's domestic partnership registry was necessary, according to the proposed resolution. 


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