Petrone: Paramount Must Work With Us, Or Else

Concerned citizen questions supervisor at Town Board meeting regarding unwanted theater activity.

Town officials will keep a close eye on the Paramount Theater and take necessary action if events there continue to get out of hand.

That was the word from Supervisor at a Huntington Town Board meeting Tuesday.

In the aftermath of at or near to the theater, Petrone was questioned by a woman who works on New York Avenue nearby. 

"I have never seen so much police activity as I have since October when the Paramount opened up," said Rosemary Stubbolo, a lifetime Huntington resident. "The venue there is going down the toilet."

In response, Petrone said changes will be made, including continued monitoring of the Paramount Theater situation.

"We have and come to some understanding that some of the venues will no longer be there," said Petrone. "They're going to have to work with us or we will take further action."

Several Paramount shows have been marred by arrests, injuries and since the theater .

Six people were arrested and numerous others treated for medical emergencies on or near the theater March 3 at a Barstool Blackout show. An East Northport man was critically injured in a fall from a Paramount balcony at a  tainted with arrests outside.

Paramount partners have been cooperative and to keep a "sharper eye" on scheduling and patrons at shows.

On Sunday, the Celtic-American punk band the Dropkick Murphys played a sold out show at the Paramount following the annual  which drew a big crowd in the Village. No major incidents were reported at either event.

Stubbolo was the only resident who spoke at the Town Hall meeting regarding the .

matt harris March 16, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Most people I know here in Huntington Station moved here for one reason. To get AWAY from the downtowns and the crowds. It reminded me of Franklin Square in the early 60's, that is why I bought my home here. Having said that, I understand there is a need for rentals, and youing people cannot afford to live here. I get that. Building high rise apartments in a suburban enviorenment is not the answer. It will only alienate the existing homeowners and creat the "Queensification" of Huntington. It took years for Huntington village to recover from the Walt Whitman mall. Talk to any shop keeper along NY Ave, and they will tell you the Paramount is un-doing years of work to make Huntington village a walkable space.
Larry March 16, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Have no fear....Frank just had back surgery...let's see if he's still spineless!!?? As it's an election year there is half a chance he might listen to the people he was elected to serve but then again there's half a chance he won't!
Sheldon March 16, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Westchester is very densely populated. A drive down Central Avenue is an absolute nightmare and my hope is that we never see that kind of overcrowding here. I am a fan of the Paramount and the lively social life in Huntington. Not so much a fan of the huge push for affordable apartment type housing, though.
Bern March 17, 2012 at 02:20 PM
This could all have been avoided if all of you came forward and supported IMAC with money and volunteers, to keep that going for another 25 years. IMAC was perfect for the community and LI.
matt harris March 17, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Bern, It is a little more complicated than that. Yes, Mike always had trouble paying the bills. But the real culprit was the landlord (and still the landlord today). They refused to spend a dime on the interior, and plaster was falling from the ceiling. Also, did you ever wonder why ONLY the balcony was in use? The ground level (now available with NO SEATS) was condemned. The final nail in the coffin for Mike was the rental of storefront around the corner (same landlord) that allowed live music...it competed for listeners....he just did not have the several million in dollars to fix the place up properly....do you remember "sponsor a seat?"


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