No. 95: Makamah County Preserve

A county-owned woodlands park, located just a stone's throw from the beach.

The official entrance, and parking lot, to the is located on Route 25A in Fort Salonga, just east of . Other access points are located on Makamah Road but the parking space is less official.

The preserve habitat is woodland, thicket, marsh, streams. It ollows a ridge across and down to the tidal wetlands behind Crab Meadow.

It is appropriate for trail running and bike riding, which is allowed. Neighbors of the park have reported problems with people riding ATVs and motor bikes, which are not.

There are also abandoned indoor furniture at various intervals throughout the woods and one recent trip found a golfer from the Crab Meadow Golf Course urinating on a tree that bordered the Makamah path.

The use the preserve each year for the an 8K race honoring Dr. Douglas Wood, and benefiting the Douglas Wood Scholarship Fund which goes to a promising high school athlete.

Because the majority of the trail is shaded woodland, it offers a respite from extreme heat.


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