EPA to Village: Clean Up Your Act

"Inadequate" stormwater management plan may have allowed pollutants to leak into Northport Harbor, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Environmental Protection Agency has accused of having an "inadequate" stormwater management system to regulate the discharge of pollutants into Northport Harbor.

According to the EPA's report, the Village's stormwater management plan was not fully developed and implemented, which may have resulted in debris, chemicals, and other pollutants contaminating Northport waters. 

The EPA also found raw sewage in a stormwater pipe at Stanton Street and Bayview Avenue, as reported by Newsday, and cited the Village for not having a detailed detection and elimination plan for such unallowed substances.

Northport Village has until the end of September to develop and implement an improved stormwater management plan, and until the end of November to create and implement a plan to address non-stormwater discharges. A municipal operations audit must also be completed by Jan. 31 to determine the sources of pollutants. 

Northport Village said in a release that they received the EPA report on Aug. 1 and will immediately begin cleanup of the identified areas, adding that they maintain over 400 catch basins, leaching basins, and sumps throughout the Village. 

As part of their cleanup efforts, the Village is also awaiting a proposal from Stony Brook to test all of the outflow pipes in the village as part of a stormwater grant, last tested in 2007-08.

A Village representative said on Tuesday that they are disputing some of the EPA's findings, but would not reveal further information.

Terence F. Augustyn August 24, 2011 at 05:22 PM
Let me understand this....Those of us utilizing the Village water & sewer system have been burdened with an additional tax this year to elminate the $200,000.00 shortfall in budget as claimed by the Mayor & Village council. Now the maintenance is so inept the Village did not understand the concept of non-point pollution, location testing & identification and storm drainage output. Is anyone managing the maintenance or paying the slightest attention to the budgets? I guess we better sign another generous CBA (perhaps 300% increrase for 26 years) with the police department.


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