Bamboo Debate Expected Tuesday at Town Hall

Residents to weigh in on pros and cons of possible restrictions on bamboo useage.

The Huntington Town Board will hear public comments Tuesday regarding possible bamboo use restrictions similar to those passed in a nearby Long Island community.

In recent weeks on Patch, opinions have been mixed regarding code enforcement which could force residents to maintain overgrowth of the plant.

In opposition to bamboo restrictions, Town Councilman Mark Cutbertson criticism last month by .

"I have concerns with the motion that we are going to regulate the bamboo," said Cuthbertson, at a meeting at Town Hall in February. "I don't know what would be next, poison ivy?" 

Some say residential bamboo is invasive and damages underground pipes and neighboring yards.

"I would like to invite Mr. Cuthbertson over to our house to see and learn about the impact the bamboo our neighbor has planted has on our property," said one resident on Patch regarding Cuthbertson's position.

Support of proposed restrictions has been strong.

"If you do not maintain your bamboo, you should be liable for the cost," said one female commenter on Patch last month. "That's pretty fair, and if you haven't been effected by it, than you can't know how bad it really is."

In the Smithtown, forcing bamboo owners to properly maintain the plant or face penalties. After months of debate both for and against the restrictions, more than 25 residents addressed the board with their concerns. 

According to the resolution which passed unanimoulsy, Bamboo owners in Smithown must now keep the plant 10 feet off of their property line or face penalties.

The public is invited to comment on bamboo and it's useage at the 7 p.m. Town Hall meeting Tuesday.

Michael O'sullivan April 23, 2012 at 03:31 AM
caryn, he says he has no problem with Bamboo. Instead of trying to give Bamboo a bad name, how about you use all that energy to teach people about how to control Bamboo the way we have suggested.
kim April 23, 2012 at 08:39 PM
Baerbalang, well said. I think Caryn may just need a hand removing some bamboo. Then maybe we can lay this matter to rest.
Goin' Commando April 24, 2012 at 03:05 AM
Don't suggest that Caryn "teach people;" that is a toothless suggestion, and therefore no solution. Either the Town needs to create an ordinance that clearly defines penalties for invasive plants affecting a neighbor's property, and vigorously enforces that, or else it needs to ban bamboo completely. A resident whose property is damaged by invading bamboo from a neighbor should not have to pay to hire an attorney to sue, nor have to fight the invading plants themselves. I'm OK with a remedy that does not completely ban bamboo, but only if it has real teeth with heavy financial penalties for irresponsible neighbors (by neglect or intent) whose bamboo goes into a neighbor's property.
Phyllostachys worldwide - invasive & noxious. Plants USDA updating soon to capture data on invasions above Virginia. Worst alien invasive the USA has ever encountered. No natural predators. Underground rhizomes are deep - takeover of soil 100 percent. This evening I will post images from China of a rhizome mass underground. This is like one big tumor, spread rapid. Giant timber bamboo forest is all that will grow. Takeover / destruction - not like any other plant. Cutting is futile, just regenerates back in. Recd images of yellow groove growing through a pool liner.14 holes. Damages -unreal. Not curable in 1 year...if rhizomes get under structures- difficult. Forget selling your home. A judge implied punitive damages in a case, they tried to sell when the plant was dormant, top cutting canes..later the culms shot all over. The seller was a real estate agent - held to a higher degree. Property tax assessment appeals - market value greatly decreased. Towns are granting these. Town's need a strict ordinance to preserve real estate values, eliminate private & public nuisance< septic, roads blocked, drains invaded etc ) Most of these individuals you see *posting here are big time sellers, not from your state. They follow all these Patch articles & jam them up with confusion. They can only propagate*** invasive bamboo from rhizomes. This is prime time for them. Invasive and Noxious scroll down to Phyllostachys http://plants.usda.gov/java/introduced?startChar=P
Pam Robinson April 24, 2012 at 02:29 PM
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