Asharoken Mayor Announces Reelection Bid

Incumbent Mayor Patricia Irving and two trustees running for reelection on "Quality of Life" line.

Asharoken Mayor Patricia Irving is running for reelection to a third term in the June 19 elections against . She is joined by incumbents Deputy Mayor Joe Tilleli and Deputy Police Commissioner Mel Ettinger.

First elected in 2008, Irving is running on a "quality of life" platform, citing her success in curbing tax increases, saving the village money on capital repairs and acquisitions such as a new police boat, and working with multiple levels of government to address erosion issues.

"I promised, during my first election, to build a consensus with other government officials at all levels of government to address the issues facing our small village," Irving said in a release. "I have done that and have strong working relationships with our County, State and Federal elected officials of all political parties and government agencies. These relationships and our mutual respect for one another did not happen overnight. I will continue these relationships for the benefit of Asharoken and its residents."

Irving hopes to leverage her relationship with the DEC to hasten sand replenishment for Asharoken beaches. The DEC, she said, has been holding the project back because of their opposition to dredging in Long Island Sound.

"The DEC now acknowledges that dredging in Long Island Sound as a sand source may be the only viable option. As a result, the Army Corps and DEC are now cooperatively working together to complete the feasibility study."

The feasibility study will call for the replenishment of 600,000 cubic yards of sand on Asharoken beach, which will compliment the over 50,000 cubic yards of sand deposited by National Grid in 2010 and an additional 45,000 cubic yards due next year, said Irving. 

Irving also credited her administration with saving the village money by working with governmental organizations to cover the costs of infrastructure repairs such as the Army Corps' $2.2 million dollar repair of the sea wall, DEC cooperation to resolve water accumulation at Asharoken Avenue and Bevin Road, and obtaining grants for additional repairs with the help of those and other organizations.

"My administration has also received grant money for additional repairs to Asharoken Avenue and to replace furnishings in Village Hall.  We have also received almost 100 percent reimbursement for all storm related costs incurred during my tenure as Mayor. Asharoken now has an annual restoration project for our fragile sand dunes. Patrolling our water ways is a new police boat which this administration obtained without any cost to the Village. In addition, I have executed inter-municipal agreements with other municipalities which saves our village money on a recurring basis," she said in a statement.

Irving said she has encouraged residents to volunteer for the village's many boards, as well as its for numerous committees and events in our village such as the annual coastal clean-up and fireworks celebration, and credits a volunteer for making Asharoken "the first village on Long Island to have its own Emergency Management Plan exclusively for a village."

Irving touts Asharoken's emphasis on volunteerism as well as her replacement of numerous administrative and professional staff as resulting in "one of the most professional and cost effective governments in all of Long Island."

doug geed May 21, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Way to go Mayor. Kick ass. We love you here.
village1 May 24, 2012 at 08:28 PM
ive never voted in village election but this time I will. Mayor Saven and dept mayor Irving must go
doug geed May 25, 2012 at 11:02 AM
So Dr. Letica, you've never voted in the village before?


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