Police Incidents: Gazebo Christmas Lights Damaged; Cat Rescued

A look at recent police incidents in Northport.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.
  • Police responded to a report of an intoxicated man attempting to get inside of a residence on New Year’s Day just after 4 a.m. on Monroe Street. Police advised the subject not to repeat his actions and brought him to his home.
  • An incident of identity theft left a woman with $1,440 in unauthorized credit card charges Jan. 1. The victim told police that her Dress Barn credit card was stolen and that five purchases were made without her knowledge.
  • An incident of road rage was reported Jan. 2, in which a driver of a white Mercedes Benz allegedly threw a bottle at another driver on Scudder Avenue. 
  • Police responded to an anonymous report on Christmas Day, stating that the Christmas lights decorating the gazebo in Village Park had been damaged. Police found that numerous bulbs from the strings of lights had been broken. Police estimated the damage to be valued at around $30. The lights were a gift to the Village this year by an anonymous donor, who brought the lights back to the Village after learning the previous bulbs had all burned out.
  • A cat that was trapped under the decking of the marina Dec. 29 got lucky when a woman spotted it and contacted police to help rescue it. Police removed the cat using a dog-bar. The cat, which police said, “appeared to be okay other than cold and wet” was turned over to the woman, who said she would care for it.


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