Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Which has your vote as the ultimate "day of deals?"

If last year's retail numbers are any indication, it looks like Cyber Monday may soon supplant ye olde Black Friday as the "day of deals." But, before we relinquish the crown in haste, let's consider some pros and cons of each and let YOU determine the ultimate holiday shopping day.

Price: Brick and mortar stores may have better deals for Black Friday, but online retailers often extend Cyber Monday deals for an entire week or more. Be prepared to pay extra for shipping on that plasma TV, however, if you buy online.

Convenience: Nothing beats the convenience of online shopping with door-to-door delivery and one-click ordering. Brick and mortar shops definitely lose a point here.

Security: Considering reports of shoppers trampling and pepper spraying each other, it seems like the greatest risk on Black Friday is a physical one. Online shopping can present informational security threats if you don't take precaution. Remember that the online world is a murky place and always consider the rules of smart online shopping.

Selection: One of the benefits of shopping in a brick and mortar store is that you can handle and examine an item before purchasing. That's not possible with online retail, though consumer reviews from others who have purchased the product can be very helpful. If you're an indecisive shopper, you may have better luck shopping online since restocking time is often faster.

Are you a Black Friday shopper or a Cyber Monday shopper? Do you just dismiss all the hype and do your own thing? Do you shun such gross consumerism entirely? Take our poll or tell us in the comments!


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