Holiday Guide: 10 Places to Donate Around Northport

The holidays are a great time to donate time or money to nonprofit organizations which help our community thrive.

Looking to give some good cheer to those who may need it the most? These ten local organizations all appreciate volunteers or cash donations, especially during rough financial times, to help continue programs and services that enhance life for people (and animals) living in and around Northport.

  • : A volunteer charity group representing a cross-section of churches and synagogues in the area. They run a out of seeing about 150 families a week, and need donations of non-perishable food items, non-food products such as health or personal care items, diapers, detergent, checks, and supermarket gift cards.
  • : A nonprofit dedicated to improving educational opportunities for all children in the by providing financial and creative support for educational and extra-curricular programs. See their website for how to donate time, money, or resources.
  • : Once an and now preserved in the middle of a development on Burt Avenue. Although the farm is now owned by the Town of Huntington and Suffolk County, it is operated by - a team of volunteers who provide daily animal care, maintain the property, oversee the general operation of the farm, and are responsible for raising ALL funds needed to take care of the animals. for info on how to donate or volunteer.
  • Little Shelter: One of LI's oldest no-kill shelters. Rescues dogs and cats from kill facilities, rehabilitates sick and un-socialized pets, and has a 100 percent spay/neuter program. Little Shelter is also a part of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals. Cash or stock donations, gift annuities, or pet adoptions are a great way to help. See full details on their website.
  • The Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation: Founded in honor of Northport High School freshman , who collapsed and died of a rare form of cardiac arrest during a lacrosse game. The foundation is committed to improving sports safety with a special focus on placing automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) in all schools and youth athletic organizations. Purchase a wristband (makes a great stocking stuffer), make a donation, or become a sponsor. See more info on their website.
  • : A group whose common vision is to create a vibrant hub for the arts and humanities. They strive to incorporate diverse venues for writers, visual artists, musicians, actors, and dancers and help plan and sponsor local artistic gatherings such as , Northport Art Walks, poetry readings, concerts, and the like. Visit their website for more info on how to make a donation or join.
  • : Provides medical services to veterans such as social work, specialty health care, and the Homeless Veterans Treatment Program, which includes a drop-in center, residential treatment, case management, and outreach. Volunteer or give cash or non-cash donations such as magazines, prepaid phone cards, coffee, cookies, gently used clothing. Visit their wesbite for more info.
  • Salvation Army: The sells a variety of merchandise, such as clothes, furniture, electronics and media that are donated to the organization. Donations are tax deductible, and sales of the items help fund the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers. If items are in good condition, they will be accepted. Pick-up service is available for furniture, clothing can be dropped off. The of the Salvation Army is a Corps Community Center for service and worship within the organization as well as a place of help for those in need, and for enrichment of the community.
  • : A not-for-profit, community-based home health-care and hospice agency committed to providing the best possible care to patients. It also provides community-service activities such as blood drives, bereavement support, and flu clinics. See their website for full details on giving options.
  • : A private, non-profit community and youth agency serving youth and their families in the school districts of Elwood, Harborfields, and Northport/East Northport. The YDA staff works cooperatively with the schools, churches, libraries, police, service organizations, and other community groups to determine the contemporary needs of youth and develop programs and services to meet those needs. See their website for full details on how to donate.


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