Tuesday, July 26: Harbor Swim, Helping Hand

Five things you need to know today.

1. Swim in a sea of forgetfulness on Thursday, July 28 with the at to benefit the Long Island Alzheimer's Association: four miles across Northport Bay to Knollwood Beach. Bring someone to fish you out afterwards. 

2. Before the epic swim, gain favor with the sea gods by attending the 10:00 A.M. meeting on Main Street in Huntington. 

3. The thrift store is open tomorrow at 11 A.M. to shop or volunteer. Tip: Polyester shirts don't breathe, but they make good flags. 

4. Presuming you've swam like a fish practicing for the Distant Memories benefit, go ahead and drink like one at the  for “.” Nothing sounds better than a prix fixe with an entree from Maroni's and vibes from Grateful Dead tribute band "Half-Step." 

5. In between all your swimming, protecting, thrifting, eating, and drinking, stay tuned to Patch today for our weekly crime rap, Northport whiz kids, and the Huntington Township jobs report! Follow us on Twitter at nptpatch.


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