Question of the Day: Cleanup

Now that the storm has fully passed, what needs attention?

The rains have gone and the winds have subsided, but the cleanup from Hurricane Irene remains. 

There are still lots of power outages and quite a bit to cleanup.

So we'd like to know what still needs to be done. Our question is, what should be a top priority for cleanup efforts? Please answer in the comment section below.

John Dillworth August 30, 2011 at 05:55 PM
I think the Village crews did a great job of cleaning up. They had cleaned my street by mi-afternoon Sunday. Of course they had to come back and do it again but it looks great now. Lots of folks have trees and branches down in their yards. A couple of big wood chippers would not hurt. Maybe the village could instruct people to just drag big branches to the curb and the village trucks could pick them up? Again, thanks to all the village staff including police, fire, highway and whoever else I forgot. Nicely done!!
Louise August 31, 2011 at 02:35 AM
The Northport Village highway dept. (NVHD) and LIPA had a standoff about the removal of a felled tree on my street. The tree completely blocked my street. NVHD was prompt to the scene but because the tree was resting on live wires, LIPA was consulted and it advised NVHD to do nothing until a LIPA crew arrived. Six hours later the tree was partially cleared so that emergency vehicles and local traffic could pass. For the future, LIPA could better work with our highway crews to better serve the public. NVHD prevailed in this situation and Lisa Drive residents are grateful. Thank you, NVHD, for your hard work restoring our village so quickly.


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