Photo: Kicking the Plastic Habit for LI Sound

Reusable bag initiative seeks to curb pollution in three coastal communities.

Citizens Campaign for the Environment launched a campaign last week to educate residents and partner with legislators and businesses to pomote reusable bags in place of disposable bags that harm the environment. Three Long Island Sound communities will participate in the initiative: Huntington, Northport, and Port Jefferson.

Single use, disposable bags litter our parks, beaches, highways, ball fields and other landscapes. They clog storm drains, pollute our oceans, bays and estuaries, and kill wildlife. Plastic bags are a major source of plastic marine debris in the Long Island Sound.

Participating businesses will use reusable bags in their stores and free reusable bags will be provided to residents who pledge to “Kick the Plastic Bag Habit” with the goal of changing consumer behavior and having reusable bags become a permanent part of consumers’ shopping experience.



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