Monday, July 25: Sports and Summer Camp

Five things you need to know today.

1. Whether you're 12 or 35,  has a sports league for you. Sign up for one of their adult or child basketball today and don't worry about sun showers or heat waves throwing your game ever again. 

2. The U.S. is becoming a major player on the international soccer scene (here's looking at you U.S. Women's Team), so jump on the bandwagon and join one of the  teams or start your own today and get top notch instruction to kick off your soccer star's budding career.

3. Can't get your kids to stop singing show tunes? Enroll them in the today and put that dramatic flair to good use.

4. Pas into today to check out ballet, modern, and jazz dance classes for kids age three through eight and an ongoing seven-week-long filled with art, music, poetry, and lots of dance. 

5. Had enough dancing and want to move your soul? Visit the for a morning service or go to an evening minyan at .


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