Get Out! Northport's Weekend Planner: Sept. 14-16

A rundown of family-friendly events this weekend.

It's Friday and you have no idea what to do this weekend. Patch is coming to the rescue with the best bets around town.

The Great Cow Harbor 10 Kilometer Race: This race combines small-town ambience with national-class competition. Set in Northport Village, a pre-revolutionary ship-building center, the course offers a series of rolling green hills, a panoramic view of the Long Island Sound, and a down hill finish, as well as a "world-class" post race party. Saturday at 8:30 a.m.by Laurel Avenue School.

Cow Harbor Day: Cow Harbor Day is the traditional annual festival celebrating the history of the Village of Northport on Long Island in NY.  The name comes from "The Great Cow Harbor" this is what the Village was called years ago as the cows use to graze on the fields along the Harbor which are now two lovely parks. Sunday all day.

Northport in Bloom. My Digital Garden. A Fine Arts Show by the Artist, Mary Ahern: The newly opened Wine Cellar on Main is hosting the multi-talented Artist, Mary Ahern with a One-Person Art Show through Oct. 9. A passionate gardener and a professional Artist, Mary Ahern uses her own extensive gardens in Northport for inspiration and source material.

Friday Movie for Adults: In 'Mirror, Mirror' An evil queen, played by Julia Roberts, steals control of a kingdom. Friday at 1:30 p.m. at .


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