Watch: Water Evaporates Instantly in Freezing Weather

See what Tuesday's cold outbreak did to this pot of boiling water.

Editor Amanda Lindner decided to have a little fun with Tuesday's freezing temperatures and show off how fast boiling water will evaporate during the coldest day of the year so far.

The temperature dove 48 degrees in 24 hours on Long Island Tuesday, which broke. The day's low of 7 degrees broke the previous Jan. 7 record of 13 set in 1988. With the wind chill, it felt as low as -11 degrees in Northport.

To try this experiment at home, boil a pot of water and either pour out the water outside, or throw it in the air to see it evaporate instantly. We think it would be pretty cool to try pouring it into a water gun too. Of course, be very careful if trying this yourself.


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