Police and Fire Reports of 2012

Fatal car crash, voodoo house call, thwarted tragedy at school, murder-suicide and other police and fire stories from around Northport this year.

Child Dies in Fort Salonga Crash: Seven people were injured, one fatally, in a three-car accident along Pulaski Road in Fort Salonga in June.

John Pappias Receives Prison Sentence: A Northport man who pleaded guilty to a felony hit and run charge in October was sentenced to 2 to 6 years in prison in early December.

: An East Northport man killed his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child on Monday, before taking his own life in a murder-suicide in March.

Northport Police Report: Voodoo Doll House Call; Flamingo Invasion: A woman reported a female at her front door with a voodoo doll in March. She said the doll had a lock of her hair on it and the subject was stabbing a pin into the doll's lip which was causing her pain. The subject with the voodoo doll left before police arrived. Another woman complained of approximately 30 pink flamingos placed in her front yard around 5 a.m.

Northport Police Report: Hot for Hot Dogs: Someone reportedly broke into the concession stand at Steers Park on Oct. 20 by kicking in the window, "then did in fact cook and eat hot dogs" and took some candy.

Man in Cardiac Arrest Saved at Trinity Regional School: Off duty police officers, EMT and nurse save man who went into cardiac arrest in September.

Northport Police Report: Mysterious Stalking; Mistaken Gun Shots: A woman told police that she found a black hair on a curtain in her Fifth Avenue apartment in May. She feels it was left by stalkers that have been harassing her for the past four years. She does not know who the stalkers are and has never seen them, and she has moved four times in the past two years and they keep finding her

Fishermen Stranded Outside Northport Harbor: A late night fishing trip turned into a harrowing wait for five men who became stranded outside Northport Harbor one May night.

East Northport Couple Charged with Animal Cruelty: An East Northport couple was charged with animal cruelty in April after they allegedly allowed their 10-year-old Greyhound to become severely emaciated. The family is currently fighting the charges in court.

DWI Arrest Yields Arson Charge: Huntington Station resident Aaron Tarkin was charged with arson related to a February house fire in East Northport one day after being charged with felony DWI and child endangerment.

Paramount Fall Victim's Condition Upgraded: A 23-year-old East Northport man was critically injured after a fall from a balcony inside the Paramount Theater on New Year's Eve.


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