Five Points Intersection Hazardous, Northport Residents Say

The intersection of 25A and Main is under investigation by the DOT.

The corner at 25A and Main Street is a dangerous one, according to Northport resident Karin Stucchio and she has taken it upon herself to do something about it.

 "It started when they put in TD Bank," Stucchio said. "It is a new building and it changed the curb structure. Children walk to school on that curb."

A restaurant was at the spot for many years before the bank constructed its building in 2008.

Adding to the danger is the fact that Waterside and Vernon Valley Roads also converge near the intersection, as well.

Stucchio says the curb juts out making it dangerous for the children to walk.

"I have pictures of tire marks on the curb from cars hitting it," she said.

There is also a problem at that intersection of cars leaving from Main Street to make a left on 25A. 

"There is no light," she said. "Which makes it almost impossible to make the left. There are five corners and it's very dangerous."

The turn is so hazardous that the parking lot of Pumpernickels Restaurant is often used as a cut through road to Fort Salonga Road.

Stucchio began her journey by sending a letter to the New York State Department of Transportation requesting an evaluation. She received a return letter stating that the department receives numerous requests and she is on the list, she said.

At that point Stucchio went to the Board of Trustees. The village board agreed with her about the danger of the intersection and the board sent a letter to DOT. Then got involved stating that the curb juts out into the street and walkers must walk on that sidewalk making it a dangerous situation for the kids, she said.

Stucchio started a petition. She now has 150 names on the petition. She has not submitted the petition to DOT at this point.

"In the letter they sent they said they have scheduled an investigation of this location and they will notify us of their findings," Stucchio said. That letter was dated June 16.

At this point that corner is under investigation and the study should be completed in about three months, said Eileen Peters spokesperson for the New York State Department of Transportation Region 10.

 "When we do a study we look at the accident occurrence in the area and the onsite obstructions of the area," Peters said. "We investigate all of the traffic control devices and other improvements that can be made."

The department studies the feasibility of whatever request was made, Peters said.

 "We are working to improve the safety of motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists," Peters said.

Marc Marien January 10, 2011 at 03:01 PM
That intersection is made worse by the fact that there are no lane markings on Vernon Valley Rd approaching that intersection . This cause cars that want to go straight on to Waterside Rd to line up in both lanes , when the light turns green sometimes there will be 2 cars trying to squeeze into the one lane going down Waterside. Also the lazy right turn lane coming off of waterside creates a second hazard to motorist and pedestrians coming down Main St , because the motorist turning right off Waterside are looking at traffic ,turning left off Vernon Valley because these car try to beat the cars turning right off Waterside. Traffic arrows would probably help that intersection alot.
Kelly Campbell January 10, 2011 at 04:48 PM
You are so right about Vernon Valley. It seems like nobody knows where to go.
Bethany January 11, 2011 at 02:38 AM
It's a nightmare trying to make a left off of Main, heading EAST on 25A—it's like playing Frogger. Good luck with the petition!
Krista B. January 11, 2011 at 02:42 AM
Thank you Karin...for taking this on!
Kelly Campbell January 11, 2011 at 10:30 PM
Bethany, that is so true. It's like taking a leap of faith sometimes. The entrance to Dairy Barn and the Smithtown Bank right there do not help matters, either.


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