The Little Prince in Northport!

Dear Northport!  I have recently written a book called "Lonely Heart Of The Little Prince."  It's about Adele Breaux who was a French teacher at Northport High School back in 1942 and was hired to teach famed author and aviator, Antoine de Saint-Exupery English during his time in Northport/Asharoken while he was writing his masterpiece, The Little Prince. This story is based on real events and the memories of former Northport English teachers Norman Orenstein and Morris Saxe who knew Adele Breaux well.  I am originally from Northport, so this was a wonderful book for me to write. If you're interested in some great Northport history, as well as about the classic book, The Little Prince and what went on during the writing of it, please take a look at my facebook page (Lonely Heart Of The Little Prince - The Book) for lots of pictures and info about this wonderful bit of Northport history.  The ebook or paperback of my book is available on Amazon.com. Thank you, Northport, for your support!


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